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Consent for or Waiver of a Blood Testfor Heartworm Medication

I, the owner or authorized agent for the owner of the above pet have been informed that standard veterinary procedures require that dogs receiving heartworm preventive treatments should be tested annually for the presence of heartworm larvae or antibodies. This is especially true in certain high-risk areas of the country with large mosquito populations. There are four reasons for this policy.


  1. Even though heartworm preventives are nearly 100% effective in precluding infection when administered according to instructions on the label, animals on heartworm prevention occasionally test positive. This apparent lack of efficacy is usually due to the failure of owners to administer the medications according to the proper schedule, travel, or relocation of pets to areas of active heartworm transmission or unknown (or misdiagnosed) prior infections. Annual testing gives you (and us) peace of mind, knowing that your pet is free of heartworms. In cases where your pet is infected, it assures you of early diagnosis of infection and maximal benefits from heartworm adulticide therapy.(
  2. It takes seven months from the time a dog is bitten until a blood test can accurately detect the presence of adult female worms.(
  3. Giving heartworm preventives to dogs having heartworms can lead to severe reactions that could be harmful or even fatal to your dog.(
  4. It is the manufacturer’s recommendation prior to issuing refills of prescriptions for preventives.


For these reasons,

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