Pet Reproduction

Happy Tales Veterinary Hospital in Clark provides a variety of pet breeding services to local breeders-from insemination to neonatal care.

boston terrier puppy

Pet Reproduction in Clark, PA

We’re happy to work with experienced breeders throughout the breeding process.

Happy Tales Veterinary Hospital in Clark, Pennsylvania offers reproductive services that are tailored to the needs of a responsible breeder. Starting with a consultation with an exam, our goal is to work side by side to help produce a healthy next generation. We do recommend adhering to each breed’s respective parent club for appropriate health and genetic testing and offer services starting from Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) evaluations to progesterone time, pregnancy confirmation, and periparturient support for the dam. We also offer similar services for the stud dog to make sure he is at his most fertile for breeding.

For the Bitch
Consultation to determine what is the goal for using this animal for breeding. Pre-breeding: Brucellosis testing, OFA (elbows, hips, thyroid, basic cardiac, dentition, and patellas). Infertility workup: Lab work to see why she may not be conceiving, vaginal culture, abdominal ultrasound, etc. Breeding- Progesterone testing (in hospital with a quantitative result), vaginal cytology, AI (vaginal with fresh semen and can be collected side by side). Pregnancy Confirmation: US at >35 days from LH surge, radiographs at >55 days from LH surge. Periparturient Period/Whelping: reverse progesterone timing, dystocia management, C-sections. Neonatal: exams post c-section/whelping, tail docks, and dewclaw removals (between 2-4 days in days).

Stud Dog Services
Consultation to determine what the goal is for breeding this animal. Pre-breeding: Brucellosis testing, OFA (elbows, hips, thyroid, basic cardiac, dentition and patellas), semen evaluation and/or clean out. Side by side collection for fresh vaginal AI. Infertility work up: Causes of poor semen quality with laboratory work, culture, abdominal ultrasound, etc. We do not guarantee conception.